Project Stages

Feasibility Phase

  • Concept scheme approved
  • Outline cost plan developed for all of works
  • Review Investment against Cost plan to achieve key success criteria
  • Define concept and functional requirements M&E and services
  • Initial services survey
  • Planning permission approval
  • Develop outline programme overall scheme
  • Develop detailed programme for Development Phase
  • Develop procurement strategy for overall works
  • Define Scope, assumptions and exclusions
  • Underground Surveys
  • Constructability assessment
  • Prepare consultant scope of works for development phase
  • Develop detailed cost plan for Development Phase
  • Agree Funding release Schedule for Development Phase

Development Phase

  • Detailed design
  • Specifications
  • Value Engineering
  • Develop commission and test plans and Criteria
  • Develop Quality Management plans
  • Contract documentation
  • Cost Plan finalised
  • Programme finalised
  • Tendering 1 or 2 stages depending on procurement strategy
  • Verification against Requirements
  • Risk Reduction and Maximise Opportunities
  • Agree Funding release Schedule for Implementation Phase

Implementation Phase

  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Programme control
  • Contract Administration
  • Snagging
  • Post project review against Key Success Criteria